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I was born in Nice, France, with the sea at my feet and the rocky hills of Provence at my back. We moved and travelled a great deal in my childhood - Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, eventually settling in my teens in Calgary, next to the Canadian Rockies. The colours and textures of the natural landscape are an intimate part of my creative passion, as are cultural influences from around the world.

I have been immersed in fibre and textile arts since early childhood. I learned to sew around the time I learned to walk, and a family friend taught me to crochet around age six. A little while later, I taught myself to knit, and thus began a lifelong passion. I have always had the drive to design and explore new territory. "What would happen if...?" is my creative mantra.

It was natural therefore, that when I turned my attention to jewellery, I was drawn to the interpretation of textile techniques in precious metal. I work hard to innovate new approaches and refine them to ever greater levels of sophistication and workmanship, creating intricately knitted, crocheted and woven sculpture. I work primarily in fine and sterling silver, but dream of one day expanding my horizons to include high-karat gold. I love to play with traditional forms in unexpected ways, joining Irish crochet motifs with chainmaille, for example. My work is one-of-a-kind, and while I may explore a given theme in a variety of forms, each piece of jewellery is a unique labour of love.

While always seeking to be imaginative and unusual, I also strive to work within the framework of wearability. I believe that comfort and ease of movement are critical to the enjoyment of jewellery, and choose to see functionality as a stimulating creative challenge, rather than a limitation.

I create because I cannot live any other way. I crave the sense of flow, the moment of bliss when a piece of work reaches the place of harmonious balance. The incomparable subtlety of colour, texture and light play in natural gemstones captivates me. I gravitate towards organic textures, and lines that are fluid, powerful, uncluttered and sensual. I am inspired by the natural world, and by themes of feminine strength and motherhood. Being of Celtic and Viking heritage, I often incorporate the ancient symbols in my work.

I am now blessed to live with my husband and two children in the incomparably beautiful resort village of Whistler, British Columbia. We have owned property in Whistler since 1992, and in the summer of 2006 a decade of planning and dreaming came together and my family and I came to live here permanently. There is a thriving community of artists, and the natural beauty of the mountains provides me with endless inspiration.