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Dipsy D.

Well - yay for your DH! That's of course the perfect solution he came up with, and these buttons look really good!


I'll be waiting to see the results of steeking with Noro. The sweater is beautiful and the buttons look very nice for it.


Hi all. I've looked online at the buttons sold by the Philosopher's Wool folks on Ontario. They're the ones tha helped me have courage to steek and cut! We also made some from a buck (deer) who gave his life to feed others on our back field. DH cut, sanded and varnished them up and they're beautiful! The ones you chose are a lovely choice.


Hi! I'm working on the FiberArts Bloggers ring today, and noticed that you moved your blog. I updated your membership for you, and sent you a fresh copy of your ring code so you can put it up on your new blog. When you get a chance, you should also take the code down from the old blog so no one gets confused. :)



Try the Camilla Valley people-in Orangeville (?) Ontario- http://www.camillavalleyfarm.com/knit/knit.htm They carry the Mission Falls buttons and things. Quite nice!

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