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Judy G

I was not aware you could get a cat to claw unless it was his idea. (I've never lived with one.) I would have imagined it would be like trying to rub the dog's face on the front of the couch to get him to nibble.

I am curious how much Lopi you think you'd need. Also, with a ripple pattern, are your kids old enough that they wouldn't stick various appendages through minute holes in the fabric whilst lying on the couch looking cherubic? I remember pulling chenille tufts off my mother's bedspread while I was supposedly having my afternoon nap. (Not recently.)


That's an interesting idea, to have it function as a blanket while you're still using it. Would you be devastated if it gets torn while you're still working on it?


I think you might be on to something -- both the blanket & the use as you go (my couch currently decorated by an unfelted Noni bag of unuseful proportions and unmatching color). Will you vary the width of the colors?


The names we give to others...

I try so hard not to do that and inevitably surprise myself to realize that I don't even know when I am doing it. I imagine it's a lifelong lesson/process but like all things that happen over time I wish it were easy and now!

Then again there are people who live only by the limited names they give themselves and never see how much more they can be. I'm grateful to feel that to some degree I've pulled out of that. Again it's likely the thought that "With age comes wisdom."

So much community is lost to all of the "stuff" people feel obligated to do. As social creatures, we find the next way to connect/reconnect. Blogland- as long as the rules of social ettiquette are adhered to- is a lovely and sometimes less imposing place to do that. No one interrupts. : )


The cat claws decidedly count as needle felting. When I was new to spinning, I was gifted a lovely basket of grey wool roving. Ariel-the-Cat got into the basket and started kneading and purring happily. "No worries," thought I, "It takes water, heat, and agitation. She's just agitating." Ten years later, Ariel still loves her lovely grey cat bad that she made all by herself. :P


Hahaha... You are going to be so addicted. If you want come over and join our ripple along http://neisripplealong.blogspot.com/. It is a great group!


If you decide to go with the Lopi, Webs has a sale on it right now. And I bet if you asked your readers and knitting companions to send you their leftover partial skeins of suitable Lopi colors, you might get inundated.

I'm interested in your cat-claw experiments as I'd really like to knit my parents an afghan, but they have a cat who goes by the name of Binky the Vicious. I'm not sure I could trust Binky with any yarn he could get to. And I suspect that any cat that puts its mind to destroying an afghan could do it. Crochet up a good-sized swatch and attach to whatever your cat is allowed to scratch, then evaluate the results after a week or two.

hpny knits

modular can be knit as you go, no sewing. like this:
but the ripple looks cute everywhere, and yes- on the couch it goes!
but Lopi? its rather scratchy, unless you will line the blanket. )just my experience with it.


Smiley's also often has Lopi at low prices:

Judy G

Exquisite! Is that Soy Silk in the outside petals?

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