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You do know if you keep this up we're going to want you to dye & sell us the yarn.


That daffy-dil is scrumptious!


I love the daffodil! Dyeing is always an adventure...especially with silk fiber. Too funny on your little one being afraid to attempt an extraction on his own. LOL


Wow! Nice job! I really like it, even though it's not normally my kind of thing. It's almost monstrous in it's proportions and size.

It's a lot cooler these days for a boy to knit. I think you stand a chance. :-)


That's lovely!

Judy G

Amazing! You continue to amaze me with your ability to think outside the purse, er, box.

As far as your son goes, my boys both took a knitting class when they were 11 or 12, and while they didn't catch the fever, they did come out of it with an appreciation of what the heck Mum was up to now. If I could just get my husband to do the same...

Looking forward to the soggy leaves colourway. It's one of my favourites!

Bead Knitter

What a cool idea! I love daffodils.

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