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Judy G.

Lost Lake? Huge enthusiast! That's just about the nicest yarn I've ever seen. I can't wait to see what it morphs into!

I just picked up the Vogue Knitting- congrats! I can't believe that Lee Ann was limited to a half page- obviously the Vogue people need to be educated. I would love to have seen more pictures of your work- I am torn between whether you need to be shared with the world, or kept as our own Canadian secret. Way to go!


Wow, I am in love with that colorway too. Beautiful work!


Ooh, those blues and greens . . . I'm in love, too!

Lee Ann

Handmaiden had better watch out. That stuff looks like a SeaSilk colourway, only Ruth-style...it's incredible! You're doing SO well! And the jellyfish must be mine. I'm sorry if anyone else wanted it but I'm in love and no one can stop me, buahahahaha...


I love the jellyfish! (I'm not going to fight Lee Ann for it, though.)


Incredible colors, again!


I thought nothing could be better than that lake in yarn form, but that was before I saw the jellyfish.


Your yarn is so beautiful. When I saw it, I made the Involuntary Quasi-Sexual Moan of Yarn Appreciation. Must stop checking your blog at work; coworkers think I'm nuts.


Gorgeous colors!


Your necklace is beautiful!


Your necklace is beautiful!


Lost Lake: The Yarn is beautiful! I love it.

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