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We eat almost the same thing here - minus the potatoes, but will now have to add in the potatoes and eggs. I never thought of mixing garlic into the mayo but it sounds delicious. We also add some crackers too. Yours look delicious!


I'd love to hear about jewelry-making. I haven't pursued metalwork beyond a three-week (5h/day) course several years ago, but it's fascinating.


Include whatever you are working on... I am most interested in the fiber - but the wire and food are interesting also - and wouldn't bother me at all!


I'm happy to hear about your jewelry-making, too. I saw you were mentioned in Vogue-- congrats :)

That recipe looks delicious!



Your blog is an inspiration whether it is jewelry, knitting, colorwork, or divine looking plates of food.

That said, it is also /your/ blog. Let people be offended if they come looking for something else - though I doubt many of your loyal readers will be. *I* certainly can't imagine being bothered by forays into mediums other than fiber (or metalwork, for that matter).

Judy G.

Whether it is knitting, colour, food, metalwork, your blog is one of my favourites. It's your personality that keeps me coming back; the other stuff is bonus! You write about whatever you want (I know I do); I'll be there!


I love to read about your jewelry-making adventures! Please do combine your blogs, it will save me having to switch back and forth to read them both. (And that recipe looks fabulous, too.)


I'd be thrilled to read about the metal work. I think your metalwork is gorgeous and I love reading how your mind works. I didn't realize I was missing a blog. Might have to go hunting soon...


Your an inspiration always- share share share!

I promise not to feel like "buy my stuff."


To me a blog is about sharing. It is too hard to have more than one blog, because then all you think about is the blog content or lack thereof. You are an artist, concentrate on your art in whatever form appeals to you, photo, jewellry, dyeing, knitting, cooking it is all good.


I wouldn't be able to use garlic since it bothers my mother's stomach too much, but my potato salad? I always use just a hint of mustard.

And, I'm always intereste in seeing creative stuff, it doesn't have to be knitting!


I would love to see all your projects, I'm fascinated by all your experiments in color, texture, and medium. Please show us whatever you think we'd like to see!



Bring on the jewellery items! My fave! Now I won't have to keep popping back & forth to see if you've posted anything new on the jewellery blog. I thoroughly enjoy seeing all the photos you post on your blog...whatever the subject matter (well...maybe not the dead squid...hee hee)

I am always amazed & inspired by what you photograph, create and write. I enjoy seeing all aspects of Ruth...not just the knitter. :)


Oh most definitely show your things-all of them! You have such a range of talents-show them all off!!!!


Show it all! We love the creative genius we read about here!


Anything with potatoes and garlic sounds good to me!

Lizzy B

Please, show us your beautiful jewelry too! I would love to see everything you are doing, not just the knitting and cooking! :)


What ever you want to blog about, please do so, honey!


I'm with everyone else! I enjoy anything you want to post! I lurk alot but I love your show and tell!


Wow. You...I can't decide if you really need to stop writing about cooking or if that's all you should write about and I just copy it every night. Because that looks so delicious, but I've got so little time to cook. I was salivating at the word of capers. I don't even like tomatoes that much and that looks good. And as for other things...well, my knitting blog doesn't even hit knitting regularly.

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