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She looks fabulous and all I see is red ribbon cuteness.

I remember grade school performances. I think drinking beforehand is a must for any good mother. Isn't that why dad always drives? ;^)


I'm the music teacher. I prescribe xanax. Not allowed to share with parents or kids, but the world would indeed be a happier place. I swear I'll stop taking them as soon as kids asking me how many days away the show is.


I wish I had thought of drinking beforehand. On the other hand, I tend to just let mine have the meltdown. She always comes out of it in time (although sometimes at the very last minute) and she's gotten rid of a lot of the fussies. And I don't have to sacrifice the hoarded yarns or fabrics or whatevers. I think that makes me the bad mother and you the mother of the year with or without the pre-concert drinkies.


Well done, Mommy! What non-matching hair elastic???? ;) Thank goodness our Christmas concert tonight only involved our son...no ribbons to worry about...just the right shirt to wear! (oh yeah...and try to keep him from bouncing off the walls before & after the show!!) I think Daddy would have enjoyed the pre-concert cocktail though. :) A little too much hype for him. I hope your concert was a huge success tonight!

Oh yes...thank you for rushing me my order of note cards...they're beautiful!


Great job. I say go ahead and drink. I have a similar-minded daughter, she is nine. Whatever gets you through the day (or concert). Rhonda, Tokyo, Japan


I've given your blog an award, Ruth! You can find it at http://liveslessordinary.wordpress.com/2007/12/19/twice-tagged/


Oh my- good thinking!!!!! We had our concert last night-and Annie had on EXACTLY the same dress as another child!!!!! I ws expecting the meltdown, but no- her response-"I don't mind, Mommy, her parents are both doctors!" Whatever.
Best for Christmas!


Quite frankly, I think that bow looks better than any ribbon bow could have. It is the love and effort that went into it that makes it even more spectacular!

Lynn in Tucson

Oooooh....this sounds all too much like a glimpse into my life (and I heartily endorse the drink beforehand)!


Then they're fourteen and can't wear THAT skirt to the winter dance . . .

I prescribe cocoa with Kahlua at bedtime.


Then they're fourteen and can't wear THAT skirt to the winter dance . . .

I prescribe hot chocolate with Kahlua at bedtime. For mommy, not daughter.


My first comment (fairly innocuous, I think) wouldn't go through typepad's spam filter.

As a mother of a fourteen year old, who has re-entered meltdown stage again, I suggest hot chocolate and kahlua at bedtime. Very soothing. (for moms, not daughter ;-) )

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