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Mmmmm, yum! This soup sounds just the thing for us this weekend! :0)


I'm just chuckling here, that soup sounds fantastic but it's not one that my family would ever go for. First, of course, is the fact that my father refuses to eat soup of any kind, but skipping past that (grin), he can't abide sweet potatoes. My mother has sensitive taste buds and an even more sensitive stomach, so the pepper would be out of the question, and then, I'm really not particularly fond of peanut butter. Which means, basically, we'd be eating applesauce, which just isn't the same.... and yet, the combination sounds so good! (grin)


Thanks for the great camera mitten pattern. I love the slit idea. Now to work out how to do it from the bottom up...


That looks like a soup worth trying. The family will never know what's in it. ;-)


Oh, that soupsounds FANTASTIC! I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing your recipe - and your great camera mitts pattern :)


Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing up the Camera Mitten Pattern! I've been wishing for that. So it's true wishes do come true!


Thank you so much for sharing the camera mitten pattern - what a great idea!
I only just came across your blog through the link from WhipUp and I can't wait to have a good look around. The soup looks delish' too :-) There's something about cold weather and a bowl of warm food that seem to go so well together, isn't it. I'm enjoying a risotto with prawns and peas while reading this.


Hmmm.... I'm going to try that soup!


Hmmm.... I'm going to try that soup!


Oh Yum!! I wanted to tell you that I made this last week. I've had it for lunch every day this week. (And I've felt guilty for not writing sooner - I'd think of you (and try to send some good vibes your way) every time I was nuking some leftovers.)

I was in Peace Corps/Gabon in the 1980's. We used to make a peanut soup that depended on a salt cod to be properly seasoned. I've never been able to reproduce the soup. The miso did it. O.k. we didn't have apples either but when I even saw your pictures, I knew, KNEW, it was going to be nostalgic and yummy. Thank you. I've been trying to make that soup for 20 years.

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