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Coming out of lurkdom to ask you the question I've been asking all over: what is a good, not too expensive, NOT PILLING wool yarn for worsted weight sweaters? Softness is not my priority. Like you, I am in favor of longevity in my sweaters. Unfortunately since I live in a warm climate, I can't use regular Lopi, it would never get worn. What do you suggest? It's the pilling that's driving me crazy with my Rogue, which I dearly love.



I'm entirely in agreement with you. I think the conditions we live in also have something to do with it. Very rarely are people exposed to cold for long periods of time.

Anna Lee

I am a little behind here, but I just have to say how much I love those socks and I understand why your little gal loves them so much. I'll bet she has her shoes off often at school showing them off! Talk about wearing something original. No worries about seeing copies around. Love the colors too.


I was just commenting today on Ravelry about this, as some other knitters have noted the terrible environmental impact that our newfound desire for cheap cashmere has begun to show, not only on the Chinese grasslands but in the dust clouds that have traveled all the way across the Pacific. Though I'm as guilty as everyone else in the "oooo, soft!" category, I'm hoping that we as a group of growing knitters can look beyond to realize our impact on the world around us, as well as rewarding the yarn manufacturers who make high quality yarn with high quality wool from high quality sheep that took years to breed.


I have a lopi sweater that I made in the mid-80's. It doesn't get much wear here in Oklahoma, but when I lived in colder places I loved knowing it would just last, and last, and last.

And I like the not-buttery-soft feel of, say, Shetland wool. Cashmere & merino are wonderful, but different.

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