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Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy

Hugs to you and your brave daughter! She'll be cute and cozy in that beautiful sweater. :-)


I really like the Thimbleberry colorway. Girly and pretty witbout being too Barbie. I love that you knit around your children to keep them safe.


That yarn looks good enough to eat! And there's definitely something soothing about knitting for loved ones when Big Stuff is going on....


Thanks for the repeats -- there were several I didn't get that I wanted. (Merino Mist)

Lynn in Tucson

I feel for you. We had our second round of dental sedation this week (for the almost-six-year-old). I wasn't as nervous as the first time but I did knit sans cesse all the way through. I think you're right about knitting with intention.

That yarn is stunning and I'm sure the sweater will be, too. I really like the edging.


Good luck to you all. I understand the terrified side, and I love the wool.


I hope she's recovering from all that OK! Best wishes!


Yippee for the brave daughter and braver mother (they are under and don't sit there like we do) and more yippee for new yarn. You do such beautiful things!


Awww, I loved your comments in this post. The yarn is beautiful - happy thoughts to your daughter as she recovers :)


Give her a hug from me and tell her I am proud of her. Poor thing. That can't have been fun even if she was under for all the dental work.

Then tell her to give you a hug from me too. 'Kay? 'Cause I know exactly what you mean about thinking the knitting is gonna help somehow.


Oh man- what a day for your poor wee girl. I imagine her mouth is pretty sore now. Well, I kept knitting through my horrible and scary pregnancy (after I knew one twin was gone, I went into mantra mode-knitting and repeating in my head "You're a strong one, baby." I do think it worked!!!!!
Friday's yarn is really beautiful- luminous in its colourway. Well done!!!!!


That's going to be a beautiful sweater! I love those colors. And that edging is really cool-- how did you do it?

Cora Shaw

My mom was the same way. We had many kids that had challenge (we were a foster family), so mom always had knitting or crocheting sitting in a bag by the door. Once at the ER, she would pullout her project. For me that meant everything was going to be okay.

With my kids (20, 18 and 15), we had many ER visits, for bumps and bruising. Lots of stitches and casts. The kids seemed to calm down as soon as I pulled out my latest project (probably because I would be calmer). Kids sense it as well.


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