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Have you read Mary Poppins? The actual book? Not the Disneyfied version? (Even in the Disneyfied version she didn't bake cookies, right? The cook would have had a fit.)

It's not the cookie. One cookie cannot put a pound on you unless it is a truely ginormous cookie. Don't worry about it too much. My mother has managed to both gain and lose a pound in a day on her regular diet (which just ain't possible) so I think you should just chalk it up to the standard deviation and not worry about it.


I wouldn't worry too much -- I believe it's perfectly normal for your weight to fluctuate up to 5 lbs. over the course of the single day, depending on various factors. I've found it helps me to focus more on the changing fit of my clothes and how I feel than on that dratted scale. ;)


Did you eat anything salty? Water retention could more likely account for that pound than anything else.

I'd like to advocate for a goal of healthfulness and I don't feel it's good for you to flagellate yourself over one cookie. Eat moderately, exercise, and feel good about yourself! (Oh wait. Isn't that a Kellogg's commercial?)


Remember when the kiddies were really little and we fussed when they didn't each much one day?? And we were told..."don't worry about each DAY...focus on the total/average for the WEEK! It all balances out in the end & they'll be fine." So will YOU! Leave that poor chocolate chip cookie alone...it wasn't its fault or yours! You're doing excellent and you're allowed the occasional treat. :) The feeling great part resulting from the exercise is the most awesome result of all! Way to go! And thanks for the inspiration...you have me going now...a long bike ride yesterday & Day 1 of the 100 pushup program. Owww...my shoulders & tush hurt! ;)


You're less likely to gain weight back if you reach a healthy balance of food & exercise that includes treats.


No admonitions or advice from this commenter - complete agreement with you on how lousy progress gained and then lost due to weight that's lost and then gained can be!

Judy G.

I haven't stepped on the scale since our trip to Scotland. I just see how tight my pants are. (Sadly, I discovered while we were away that I wasn't losing weight; if you wear the same pants for a week they just stretch out. Rats.)

My sister just ran her first marathon yesterday, but I'm not interested in losing weight that much.

It'll come off; daily fluctuations are just fluid retention. (repeat until you believe it.)

Lee Ann

Dude. You gain a pound in one day, that's water. Or your clothes. Or the fact that you ate a whole meal and weighed yourself before and after.

Step away from the scale more than once a week, honey. Otherwise you're going to drive yourself freaking nuts. I should know. I'm already quite nutty.

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