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I prescribe two clementines daily for you and your family. Can't hurt, might help. ;-)

I'm the exact opposite of you. If I have too much pressure on me, I choke, quit, give up. Patience and constancy work for me. Also a big dose of acceptance.

One other thing I've learned is that things change. Your kids, your life, they will change. One day, you'll be able to set those big goals again. In the mean time, tread water.


I can deal with X being small, even tiny, but random bugs the heck out of me.

Wow, I can identify with that statement on *so* many levels. Ironic that I teach, which is so often random (especially middle schoolers), and I live in Africa (be flexible or go crazy).

Longtime lurker finally commenting. :) Love the blog!

Susan in Oz

I'm with Linda - '... random bugs the heck out of me...' - made me snort out loud and nod vigorously in agreement.

I'm doing a bit of work on myself at the moment about living in, and enjoying, the present. It's tough in a way but I'm completely with you in that whole last paragraph.

PS Will you ever do the stripey crocus colourway again?


Good to hear you're accepting balance! The first of the winter colds have struck here as well - being sick makes me grumpy.


I will use the tip "doing what needs to be done today and not living in the future...".
It is very close to: "What you don't start today will never be finished tomorrow" by Goethe.


The thing it took me forever and a day to really not jsut understand but integrate into my natural thinking process is - trend better. Not CHANGE NOW, which never, ever works, its to impossible to integrate or maintain.
Exercise more - in whatever way you can. If you have to skip a day or a week, just pick it up again when life permits. If you are trying to eat better, then do so OVERALL. But forgive the day to day fluctuations.

When it comes to the scale - weigh yourself if you need to to stay aware of your body, but look at the month to month changes and learn to trust yourself.
I weigh 5 ponds more than I did a month ago, but 25 pounds less than I did a year ago. I only went to the gym once this week, but 5 years ago I hadn't exercised in 10 years.
I've let my cardio conditioning slide this summer, but my muscle tone is better. Yesterday I took the stairs instead of the elevator. Tomorrow I will do the same.

It sounds so foolish to say it out like that - but if it is all about numbers and check boxes it's almost a promise of failure, because no one - particularly no one with a family - can have completely rigid plans about their life.

Its about forgiving yourself your trespasses in some way, yes?

Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy

You are doing GREAT! Out walking? Woot! AND Pilates and some pushups? Woot^2!

As an aside, I must recommend zinc for colds. Usually a cold takes me down for two weeks; this time I alternated zinc and vitamin C throat drops, drank a gallon of water (sorry: 4 litres) a day, and am back on my feet in half the usual time. The (zinc-free) guy who gave me the cold is STILL miserable. Clinical research AND anecdotal evidence ... what a winning combo! :-)

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