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Jeanne B.

You're having a Philosophical Moment. (Cool!) The nature of being and belonging, limits/limiting beliefs, instincts, etc.--all of these are part of philosophy.

What IF you gave it a shot? One of my mentors says, if you're feeling uncomfortable, it's a sure sign you should do it. (I'm working on defining the difference between uncomfortable but on the right track versus "gut level screaming at me NONONONO".)

Ask yourself: What makes you come alive?

Then do THAT. That's what we're all supposed to be doing. As far as being careful what you wish for... sure, we all contributed to it. We didn't ask for it or expect it to manifest THIS way; the Universe, however, must've decided that the easiest way to satisfy the "wishes" of the entire population of the Earth simultaneously was to cause economic chaos because of the far-reaching effects and the ability to affect individuals in a variety of ways to move them toward their synchronistic subconscious goals. (The Universe doesn't rationalize. Its job is merely to materialize the things we co-create. And yes, I'm a Philosopher, why do you ask? LOL!)


Wow, deep thoughts today. You keep on doing things in whatever kooky way makes you tick, darling, cuz you inspire me. Your photos made my day.


Wow. What Jeanne B said :) because she said it so well and succinctly.

I'm struggling with this (on other levels) and my thought is: it takes such courage to leap.

Spread your wings, you're an amazing artist. (I'm still flexing mine!)


Just popped in to award you an award!


I often think I am the only one who thinks a certain way and then I drop by here and find out I'm not!


It's good to know there's someone else out there who thinks at tangents sometimes. Even if it is drug induced, don't stop. Modern culture (certainly in Britain) talks about respecting diversity when all the while really hoping we'll all love the same things. Keep on that personal tangent and good luck to you.

Love your photos. I could get inspired by sunsets like that.

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