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Happy Birthday! Your new obsession sounds fascinating - I have no wisdom to offer, but I can't wait to hear all about it! GREAT first try! :0)


Oh yeah! Chips and French Onion dip! My idea of heaven... seriously.
We celebrated my birthday *last* month with a Lyle Lovett concert and dinner out. It was wonderful. This weekend we'll probably just veg. Maybe I can convine DH to spring for Chips and French Oninon dip too... mmmmmm.

Weaving... I don't seem to have anything on rigid heddle... but I'll ask around.


Do you read Dave Daniels? Formerly Cabin Cove, now The Weaving Studio. http://theweavingstudio.com/ You could probably pick up some tips and tricks from him, and I know he could recommend books if you email him directly. He's always willing to share the faith. :-D


Happy Birthday! Why not celebrate all week? Stupefying may not be a bad way to spend a birthday. ;-)
The scarf is lovely especially for your first attempt.


Those are beautiful. I have to resist trying out a friend's loom. I have too many things going already.


Lovely! I think the books by Bette Davenport are the ones to get for RH weaving. Oddly enough I found the pattern book online, but Hands On Weaving appears to have been mysteriously canceled by amazon. There's also a couple of RH weaving groups on Ravelry if you're interested.

Which loom did you get? I'm curious! :) I bought a Harp not very long ago, and should really get back to working with it soon.


I have purchased a loom from a friend who is moving away and while I won't be able to use it anytime soon (no room in my house and it will be stored at another friend's house), I am learning how I would go about using it so I'll be ready.

The book I am working through (which might be a bit more book than you need) is Deborah Chandler's "Learning to Weave"


Happy Birthday!
the weaving looks great and now I may put the ashford loom on next year's gift list


Most general weaving books contain a lot more content than you will need. But, as already mentioned, Betty Davenport's book is specific to the rigid heddle loom and widely available.

I thought Jane Patrick (Schacht Spindle company) had a new book out on rigid heddle weaving but maybe it's just in the works. She often contributes rigid heddle projects to Handwoven though and there's a free pattern on the Schacht website.

As well, Syne Mitchell did an episode of Weavecast on Rigid Heddle weaving. Totally worth a listen, plus there's a list of resources on the notes page:

Also on the free resource side, there is a Ravelry group:


Hope that helps!


Happy Birthday! Love, love, love the colors in the scarves.


Happy happy birthday!!


The Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving Projects... I think that's the name, and it's chock full of ideas and techniques.

Lee Ann

Happy birthday, Ruth! Here's to stupefication!

I was kind of wondering when you'd hit the loom, by the way...production scarves on a loom go way, way faster, eh? :-) Gorgeous work!

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