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Cyndi in BC

I'll test knit, if you want. I'm in mitten and hat mode right now anyway. :) Making warm winter things for my daughter's four children (ages 10, 7, 5, 1)


i was searching the internet and found your blog. the leafy mittens are wonderful. i am still (what i consider) a novice knitter and just wanted to tell you how nice they are!


Me! Me! Me! Pick me!


I love the mitts and would love to test knit them.


I'd love to be a 'beta', if you're still in need.


I'm not advanced enough to try these, I'm afraid, but they are absolutely beautiful!

Angela M

I would love to. Just started my winter knitting and these would be perfect.


I'm in between knitting projects right now, and I'd love to test the pattern for you, Ruth! :0)


I don't know if I'm fast enough, but I'll test knit, too, if you like.

And--the colors are interesting! I know you said the color changes were in the yarn, but they fell so perfectly on that first one .... and yet, I like it on the second one, too! Very cool


Actually, my sister has outpaced me with knitting and she'd love to have a go as a beta knitter.

Tania Ho

oh, these are wonderful ! I think you already have enough test knitters, but in case you don't ... then I'd love to :)


Beautiful mitts Ruth.
I'll be a test knitter too--if you need me.

Geraldine Kiser

If I can't be a beta tester, then I want to buy the pattern ASAP!

We are pretty far south of you (Virginia) but people will _think_ it's cold here come winter! 8^)


I'd love to test knit them!


I would love to test knit them, i was looking at them the other day deconstructing them [in my brain] to knit, they are lovely!


I would just love to test knit the leafy mittens please. x



I'd love to be a test knitter if you still need another one!



I guess it's kind of late to volunteer, but I'd love to if there is still a chance.


I'm willing to test knit, espcially since it look like you won't make me weave in the ends : )

I'm an intermediate knitter-been doing it for 10 years, I know cables, double points, magic loop, two mittens on one needle, anything.


Just got home from work. Rather late to volunteer too.
Hey! Maybe you really need someone to test knit in handspun. If so, I'd be happy to help :-)


I would love to test knit - though I am still not an expert knitter!!! Would definitely be interested in the pattern - will you sell as a kit with some nice hand dyed - I thing it would be beautiful in variagated greens, red yellow and orange - like a fall thing


I f you still need a test knitter I am available..love the pattern and look forward to it being published


I need to read my blogs more often! You have plenty of test knitter offers so I'll just add to the chorus of "how nice!" and I look forward to ordering the pattern.

Mary Kay

i woild love to test knit your fingerless mitts! i have been in fingerless mitt mode for a while now and absolutely love them.

Mary Kay

i would absolutely LOVE to be picked as a test knitter for these fantastci fingerless mitts!

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