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Evil... I just spent $170 on yarn, and NOW there's going to be another shawl pin special? More work in my future to pay (though yay for the flexibility of working at home!)

I'm about to finish my first sock with your yarn, doing Sunday Swing in the blackberry, and *love* the yarn! Took me this long to get the guts to use it, it's almost too pretty. But so nice on the hands.


The first day of school is always hard on my dogs, too - they spend the bulk of the day moping and sleeping on the kids' beds... it probably doesn't help matters that I too spend much of the day moping and all at loose ends -

I just love your pup...


Oh! Poor doggie!

But such delightful entertainments watching them figure out how to go outside without getting wet. (I had one once that would dash to the nearest fir tree, hide under its branches, do her business, and then dash back to the house. That goodness she understood the need for grass/dirt beneath her feet.)

May you always have more "entertainment" on your list than you can accomplish in a day. Boredom would be terrible ;)


Sounds like a productive day! It helped me a lot to keep my to-do-lists more realistic instead of writing down everything for a day that would have to be done in the next month… Boredom? NOt know over here.

The poor puppy – “left alone” now for those long school days, how will she learn to love the weekends. No, really, she will get used to having time on her own and with you of course!
She absolutely has these “oh why is the world so bad?” eyes on that pic.

I am surprised not to find one dog hair on your couch, I remember those short hairs from the Boxer we had when I was a kid to stick everywhere. But of course those of this princess are definitely softer and go into the vacuum on their own…


You are always magnificent. Kindly keep that in mind.



Poor Eowyn!

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