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Oh No! naughty puppy! why? why do they do that? mine will grab the boys hoodie or backpack to play with, rather than the box of dog toys.
at least you can be pretty sure she will grow out of this stage....:)


....actually greyhounds are known for collecting things (and in some cases doing a surprising amount of damage in record time!) My last grey had a fondness for leather and couldn't be trusted if anything made of leather was within reach. I hope Eowyn turns out to be just a collector, once she is past the puppy stage! (Have you had any yarn go missing yet?)

Caffeine Girl

My in-law's dog eats paper -- that's a problem! They have to hide all the bills!


The joys of pet ownership. If they weren't cute they'd be in danger.


I love the idea of "greyhound art" ! Good thing you can keep your sense of humor about the destruction, then again, how can you be angry with such a beautiful and charming girl?


Oops!! Note to self...place completed art on HIGH puppy-proof shelf! :)


Am I the only one cheering on the puppy?

How do they know until they try? I'm just hoping she a) didn't really enjoy it b) felt a little bit bad when you found it and scolded her and c) doesn't do it again!

I know its hard when you work on something - time lost, money lost, - but I'd rather it be this than something dangerous to her or larger/more valuable items.

Judy G.

So is this like the pictures that the elephant at the Calgary zoo paints?

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