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The end result looks great! Your son is a cutie, too. :)


That's a great inspiration you had. Love the new hat.




Adorable!! Beautiful! Don't show my neice. She's already expecting a s h a w l for Christmas! :)


must find small child ... must find small child ...


wow it looks great! good job

Deb from Kingston

That is one beaut of a hat!!!! I just love it and want ot make one for my girlie!!!! Gonna send a pattern? I am all done the report cards!

Murvet Enc

Love this hat. Especially w/ your son's eye colour.


That looks awesome!! I thought it looked great the first time 'round, but this is even better. I like the way it hugs his face and ears now...looks very warm. Mission accomplished!!! I want one, too!!! ;)

Sue H

What an adorable finish - shown to perfection by the model!


And when you do, I will order some of it! Adorable hat!!! I wouldn't mind having one myself - how about adult sizes too? And what a cute boy you have - great pictures!

I used almost the same method recently when I knit Miller's hat in Bluefaced Bliss Worsted. It turned out very well - fits perfectly around the ears, which is very important when it's cold otside.

mary lou

Very knight in shining armour!


What a great solution! Hugging the edges while leaving enough room for warm air to stay should make it the warmest hat around.


That's one darn nice hat. Well done, Mom.


i thought the first version was great, but the addition is brilliant!!

my husband would love it when he goes cross-country skiing. i'll be in line for a pattern. please, take pity on us math challenged and include adult sizing. '->


Its darling!


It's wonderful!
If I thought I could get away with it, I'd swap it out for the hat I'm now making for DD. I think the ears she's demanding would grow much more reasonably out of this than the Koolhaas variant I'm making :-) And the face warming aspects are glorious.

If the pattern comes out in January, I'll likely make one for myself! (It gets cold here in Jan)


That looks great!!!
Well-fudged :)


I think your great pictures show just what all of us knitters most want to see in the recipient's face when they are modeling our gift. He loves that hat, and you can rest assured he is warm now!


Wonderful looking hat...looks like it's a winner for him!! Looking forward to the pattern!


What a great hat! You did a brilliant job. I love the yarn color, too. Wouldn't you love to make this in adult sizes? :)

Lee Ann

I have to knit that, for me. ASAP. (I'm freezing...)

Need a test knitter for an adult size? If I can keep what I knit, I'm open!


Definitely a winner. Well done.


It looks like it has never been meant to be knit differently. Cute hat. Cute boy! The colour of the hat matches perfectly with the colours of the eyes, at least on my monitor.

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