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She looks like she had a ball....they all do :-)


She is just beautiful - suits her beuatiful family!


Talk about sheer exuberance!


Yay!! Its so much easier to take pictures without the leash in your hands ;)

She looks like she's having a ball! (Hey, does she catch snowballs??)


love the action shots, haven't tried getting those of Cola yet


Oh boy - nobody has a good time like a dog in the snow (or the surf) has a good time! I always find myself wishing I could be unselfconscious enough to enjoy myself that thoroughly :)


What great photos! It looks like the dog is having the time of her life.

Lab Cat

Those are amazing pictures. I particularly like the last one. Your dog is really enjoying the freedom.


LOL...ohhh myyy she looks like she's having fun!!! A happy Greyhound is a running Greyhound! Love the pics.


Oh, the doggy joy! I'm a little amazed by her tail - it seems very long, but I guess a runner needs a good rudder for those sharp turns.


Those are great photos! I love the pup's sweater, too.

Michelle in California

looks like she's having too much fun!! probably took a good nap after. '->

Judy G.

Does this mean there will be snow for the Olympics? Are you dreading it or looking forward to it? Is there an opportunity to introduce the rest of the world to your jewelry and fibre?


Love to see Eowyn running as she looks so free and so happy. At least you have lots of snow at Whistler but not a speck around Vancouver.


What great pictures you take!

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