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I thought that it was just me that Bloglines was stonewalling? Will they ever let us know what the problem is?


You are the only other Canadian I know, Yarn Harlot being the first, and I forgive you for beating us in the curling last night.

We still have the lads in play GO GB Lads!

Really enjoying the look behind the scenes, we have to stay up till all hours to see the games here in the UK, so not seen anything of what else is happening.

Hope all goes well in the Bobs and no accidents.

Knitting Out Loud

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos!


Thank you for sharing.


Hi Ruth. As an avid evening watcher of the Olympics (sadly, can't stay up to watch everything as some of the exciting stuff happens at 3am UK time!), I am really enjoying seeing your inside story. Thank you for posting and sharing. I also like the subversive banana!


Forget the banana, I caught a glimpse of Rob on last night's coverage.


I am being stonewalled by Bloglines as well. I use Google reader. Great pix.


Wow, I came here because someone left a link on my blog. I expected to see some yarn stuff. BONUS. Awesome Olympic photos and stories!

We're watching with boundless enthusiasm here in Montreal. What a thrill to be there. And that photo of Montgomery jumping up on to the podium is amazing.

Love This Blog!!


I wonder how much the airlines charged the Swiss for their 'luggage'?


So that means... you witnessed winning 2 medals?!!!

Judy G.

I guess if you only had one event ticket, this would be the one! How exciting!


Whoa..did you pick a good day to have an event ticket, or what!! How exciting was THAT to see both women's teams win gold & silver!!! Go, Canada!!!! We watched it all on TV and were excited to catch several views of Rob at the end of the track taking pics. Hopefully we'll see the end products on your blog tomorrow!!! Still haven't caught a glimpse of that elusive banana yet....

My hubby is in downtown Vancouver right now and says the atmosphere is just amazing, in the aftermath of the Canadian hockey team win & the women's bobsledding...he says everyone is just on top of the world. Gotta love it!


PS...down here in Vancouver, the Swiss have been probably the loudest and proudest cheering squads around...next to the Canadians, of course! They had cowbells the size of their heads at the curling venue and enormous flags. Apparently "little" Switzerland thinks very big!


You sure picked the right event to attend!!! I'm looking forward to the photos ;)


In case you don't know... Google Reader is picking up your posts just fine. And I'm still enjoying the personal view of the Olympics- thank you!

Another Joan

Since I showed my 25 year old theatre tech son your Rasputin QT post he has been watching the Whistler broadcasts diligently, in 'opes of a "sighting". Thought of you and your Rob last night while watching the Bobsleighing. Thanks for making these games so much more real for me. Go, Canada, GO!

Deborah Swift (aka Mt. Mom)

I read your blog through Bloglines and here's how it has played out from my perspective: I checked daily for posts, but none appeared for several days. Then, today, 5 "new" posts. So, I'm all caught up. Wonderful to see the Games from your perspective! (I'll have to keep a look out for that banana!)


Have you on Google Reader and all of your posts are coming through on the day you post them, even if I don't get to the reading of them until a couple of days later, that's my fault not theirs! Loving the Olympic posts, hope you are getting enough rest in between all the madness. Enjoy it while you can, soon there will be this big vacuum where it has been taking up all your time!!

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