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Cindy (maxfun)

Still here! It's been fun seeing the Olympics from your perspective. :)


Yes, PLEASE KNOW this train is at the station and shall not move until you post more Olympic stories. Please!


Keep the stories coming! So enjoyable to have the personal commentary and pictures.


Please continue to send the Olympic posts. Every morning first thing (before oatmeal!) I race to the computer to read them.

You capture a very real sense of being there, thank you.

sonja poor

I'm enjoying your Olympic posts so much. Continue as long as you have time and inclination!


I have enjoyed your posts so much. I'd love to hear more about your Olympic experiences. Please share!


I am curious to read about post-Olympic life after such an amazing two weeks.

Thanksfor your insider's posts - and thanks Canada for being such a great host!


I'm still on board the train! I'd love to read more about the sweater and the games. Post away!

Kathy Kolenda

Oh, please continue to share all you have about the fantastic opportunity you have had to live in the winter Olympics. I always enjoy you blog, but your eye witness experience has been an extra treat for this winter Olympics junkie! Thank you!


Thank you so much for your Olympics coverage. I loved reading your blog and enjoyed your enthusiasm. Best wishes for the post-Olympic transition.


I'm still on board that train, and am sitting with a cup of tea and a biscuit with my feet up on the seat hoping the conductor won't catch me.


Oh, yes, please, continue to share your Olympic stories! I've enjoyed them so much! Many thanks to you, your family and BC for hosting such a marvelous Olympics.


Please share more of your Olympics experience - I've been enjoying reading them through your posts! Still onboard the train and not leaving til I get more coverage of the Olympics :)


Please, please, please keep the Olympic posts coming, Ruth. It's been absolutely wonderful to have an 'insider' view of the games.


Still here, I only found you during the Olympics it will be good getting to know you as life settles down again.

In 2 years time it's London, while we are no where near London I do hope that we can get caught up in the experience.

We live near Manchester that hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2000 and that was great, the city really buzzed for ages after.

Judy G.

Ah, yes. The Olympic hangover. Please share some more of your Olympic memories and experiences. Also, we'll be expecting some posts during the Paralympics. Is Rob volunteering for those as well?


You have made my Olympic experience complete with your photos and stories. Thank you so very much. If you have more please don't stop.


I've enjoyed your Olympic blogs Ruth. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to write them. I thought of when they mentioned Whistler and looked for you and Rob on TV. It was a great Winter Olympics! Oh yes, let's pick up on the sweater again. It has so much Olympic symbolism in it - looks great on you!


I can imagine the void you are feeling. I feel it too and I lie in Ontario. It was a remarkable two weeks. So much fun.


love your "on the ground" postings of the Olympics, keep sharing, we'll keep reading :)


more Olympics, please. I am not ready to be finished. My project isn't finished, either. : (


I've so enjoyed living this Olympics first hand, if vicariously, through your posts. Please continue!

Another Joan

I wanna know ALL the stories - I figure if you aren't finished with stories, I can convince myself that my Olympic challenge is still on. So: I'm giving myself until you say "That's the last story" to get my knitting done. No pressure!


It was hard to know who to wish would win the big hockey game...heart is with my home, the USA, but happy as heck that Canada won...good job, thanks for the coverage, the Olympics are fun!!!!


Chiming in too: I love your Olympic posts! Please tell us all your stories :) I definitely feel closer to these games because of your blog.

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