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WOW! The sweater looks AWESOME, Ruth! I love all the different symbols and what they represent. It will mean a lot to you for a long time to come. AND...it looks great on you, to boot! :) And I'm also loving all your pics of the village, athletes and entertainers. It looks like a blast.

Marilyn G

OMG Ruth, the sweater is stunning -- from a design perspective and esthetically! I missed you in the Village again today apparently, but we'll catch up yet!




Lovely! My favourite is the inukshuk motif. After reading your blog I'm excited to head to Vancouver this week. Its enroute to other parts of the province but I have about 5 hours a day over 2 days to hang out!


love (7 gazillion)!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG that is so much more than fabulous!!! It has a bit of everything and it sooooo goood! Such a wonderful outcome for such a tight deadline. Truly amazing and just goes to show what can be done in the creative mind of a genius!


Ruth, it is GORGEOUS. Amazing. So special. How it looks in the overall effect and how you created the single motives with their special meanings and translated them into knitting. Great design, and thank you so much for sharing. It intimidates me a bit though. I don’t think I will get something similar done, at least not before the finishing ceremonies, even though mine is going to be smaller as not to be worn on top to go outside… But that’s ok for me, I don’t rush and will see how far I get. I just hope you’ll give detailed enough comments on the patterns so that little old me can follow. Keep soaking up the fun in your village!


I love it! You can tell it was a work of inspiration.


What an amazing work of art!! And equally amazing is that you got it all done as quickly as you did - just beautiful!

I also have to thank you for the "insider" photos - I am utterly addicted to the Olympics, always have been, and it's just great to get a peek at what goes on behind the scenes - thank you!


Wonderful, incredible, stylin'!

I bet you're getting asked about that sweater everywhere you wear it. It's stunning.


The sweater is spectacular as are the pictures. Thank you for both. To be able to translate the beautiful design and motif to yarn and needles is truly creative genius.

Barbara M.

Ruth, I can't tell you how impressed I am at your lovely sweater! And how I envy your faith in your own ability to do the improvising and designing on the fly...... that is something I've never dared to try. But I think you may have given me the courage, and you've certainly given me the inspiration to try! Congratulations on your fabulous achievement, and thank you for sharing it with us!


The sweater turned out beautiful and it looks great on you. Meeting the challenges we set for ourselves is always a good mood lifter, isn't it? :)


wow-that sweater is spectacular!


The sweater is wonderful and it looks fantastic on you. You are such a talented designer (and fast knitter) and I am so happy for you that you had such excellent results on this project. Thanks for sharing the photos of happenings around Whistler and your impressions of the games.


Gosh that is stunning.

Jane Prater

Brilliant. I'm also doing a gansey with Olympic symbolism. Thanks for figuring out a way to include the logo. I will learn from you.


WOW - Impressive and beautiful!!!!!!!

My husband is actually working at the Four Seasons Whistler during the Olympics. He's a chef. So, if you go there to eat, say Hi to Ed for me :) He asked me what I wanted from Whistler and I told him yarn!! He says Whistler is gorgeous! I wish we could have gone with him!!


Gold medal sweater, Ruth! I'm so amazed at how fast you accomplished it. Wear it with pride!

Another Joan

And the winner is Canada!! What a lovely job and a great addition to your Olympic jackets photo collection. Wishing I were taller...




How spectacularly stunning!!! Well done!


Smashing! and the hat is fine too.

Mom and Dad

Have been waiting impatiently for these pictures of you in your creation. I knew it would be fabulous and so creative in design.
We are so proud of our daughter! And the hat --very nice touch. No one will doubt you are a loyal Canadian!

So neat to go to the computer each morning and see what you have been up to the day before. Living this with you, and of course watching the events as well.Cheering with those who cheer and crying with those who cry.


Oh, WOW. Ruth, that sweater is a masterpiece!

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