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Thank you so much for showing us photos and telling us stories of things we would never see without you. You are wonderful, caring and kind to give us so much.

Jane Prater

So well said. Congrats on the hockey medal from a Yank. Thanks so much for all the photos and the sharing. You put such a human touch on these games for me.


Well, that sounds like some good Cool Runnings Olympic spirit if I ever heard of any. They sound really awesome, and their sled is beautiful.

It must have been heartbreaking for the track workers to watch them crash over and over again, though. I have a hard enough time watching anyone do it even once, and I've never even met these people.


That is one of the BEST stories from the Olympics. Much better than the junk NBC was peddling. Thank you for telling this and posting all your pics of "behind the scenes"

sonja poor

A great post. This is the Olympic spirit. Thanks for sharing.


Wow. Amazing story with fabulous pictures. Thanks. :)


Wonderful post. Brought a tear to my eye.


I love this story. Medals are wonderful, of course, but THIS is the true spirit of the Olympics.

Linda M.

what a great story! I LOVE their sled and their pink and black gear - so Japanese and so girly, but good on them for being so tough and evoking the Olympic spirit. Thanks for telling their story. Like Colleen says, this is much more interesting than NBC's constant repetition and gingoism.

Judy G.

Thanks for the story. There's only so much the mainstream media can cover. Repeatedly. Ad nauseum. I love the paint job on their sled.


Thanks for sharing that - that got me all teary eyed this morning reading this story. I'm proud of those gals for not giving up and not being afraid of taking chances.


So inspiring... I wish I could high five them right back. Thank you for sharing this story.


Thank you, Ruth.... this is a wonderful story.

Lab Cat

That is a lovely story. Thank you for sharing the off the scenes with us.


Absolutely right! Love the sentiments behind this post. Thanks for sharing.

Anna Lee

Love the pictures, and what a great story!I agree that it equals someone getting the Gold! Thanks also for the closeups of the bouquets. I too have wanted a close up view. I really thought the back part of the bouquet was some kind of ribbon. And what an interesting story behind the making of them. Thanks for not quitting when the Olympics did.


I've told everyone - friends, family, strangers in the grocery store...everyone...to read your Olympic posts. I hope they all have taken my advice, because you have the greatest coverage. THE GREATEST! More, please. Thanks.


The Japanese do some amazing things. When my daughter lived in Japan she told me of a festival where people jump on entire logs and ride them down the side of a muddy hill/mountain. It is, literally, a life-threatening event!

Like I said, amazing!!

Love the peek into Whistler through your eyes. Thank you.

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