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So cool! I definitely see yarn dyeing possibilities in that photo...


Thank you so much for your insider's view of the 2010 Olympics, I have truly enjoyed every post!

random Cindy

Lovely. I especially like how the greens were brought back around and tied down into the binding around the bouquet. A very elegant design. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and the link to the story. I've always loved green flowers and would love to have a green and white flower garden someday.


Thanks so much for the close up! I kept seeing the bouquets on tv and wanted to see what the bouquet included, as I loved the green. I agree with Kristy that there's definitely some yarn dyeing possibilities with those beautiful greens!

Thanks also for sharing the story behind how the bouquets came to be - great story.


LOVE seeing the bouquet up close - it is beautiful - so noce of Rob to bring you one - and thanks for sharing :-)


NBC did a story on the bouquets. Not only are they very beautiful and unique, the story is wonderful, too.

mary lou

Great story on the bouquets. Although, I still don't like green mums. Every time I saw an aerial shot of the sliding track, I thought of your necklace. Hope you sold lots!


Oh thats really special.


Wow! Who knew all that goes into the making of the bouquets. I was frustrated all during the games because I wanted a good look at at least one bouquet. Thanks for posting about this. And....thanks for your postings all during the games. I really enjoyed having an up-close look at one of the venues and at Whistler.


I'm sensing a new colorway!


Thanks for the excellent pictures and the link that lets us know what plants are in the bouquets. We couldn't get a good view on the TV; my husband asked, "Are they handing them bunches of kale?" Glad to have that question cleared up.


Thank you! At first glance I was wondering if the athletes were receiving a head of green cauliflower or broccoli. Then I thought it was some sort of light green mum, but the close up views are marvelous.

I really appreciate your personal stories and coverage of the olympics, and I will be back for every one.

Like Sydney, I think a bouquet colorway would be marvelous!


I'm all for Joan's idea, being one who didn't quite finish my project :)

And I'm loving the pics of the sleds and their artwork.

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