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Charles Voth

Looks good! I like the tight sc fabric. Before you go too far through your 126 sts, would you be able to line up the end-of-round point with one of the square's corners? That way you won't have that line at the end-start of new rounds. Just a suggestion from a stranger. :)


You aren't the only one with things buzzing around your head. Sometimes I swear I hear mine actually making noise.

Kathy In Georgia

Before you go too far, weigh your one square and multiply by 126 (and add a bit for joining and any border). Then get the square wet, weigh it again, and multiply again. Are you going to be able to get it in and out of your washing machine?

That's what stopped me from making a crocheted bedspread using a log cabin pattern I like (and I was only using a single-stranded worsted weight acrylic). I realized the yarn weighed several pounds while dry. Wet would have been impossible. (The log-cabin pattern is still doable as a smaller afghan--just not a huge bedspread.)

But you could do two separate throws, large enough to overlap in the center, and then wash them separately.

Love the colors...

martha in mobile

Ohh - excellent advice re: washing, especially with your beautiful puppy. But they have those Really Big Washers at the laundromat in Whistler, I bet. I made a sc blanket back in high school; it was so heavy it could have been used as a restraining device. But using one as a sofa cover is brilliant! And your color guidelines will definitely give it an updated look.

Judy G.

Not only does a square a day save your wrist, it is an attainable goal, and your brain will appreciate the measurable progress. Just like going for a walk every day, or having a reasonable health regimen for weight control, doing this blanket can be part of your mental health program. Cleans up part of the condo, allows you to take control of a big project a little at a time, and at the end of it, you'll have more space, a feeling of satisfaction, and a lovely big blanket. Go for it.


I have an assembly method, all crocheted, with the crochet forming part of the appearance, not hidden. Some of the ideas above are super. Good luck.


Umm - the buzzing thing? I think most mothers I know have it. Always. I don't know why my husband doesn't - he's a very involved father - but when he's at work, he's at work. And that's all he thinks about. I always have an undercurrent of reminders and worries and home/work/knitting/books/whatever thoughts running around in my head.

I write stuff down whenever possible to get it out of there. And the rest of the time, I try to think of it as background music to my life - and I can focus on the action through that, right?

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