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Judy G.

Best wishes to Rob for a speedy recovery. Been there, done that. It's ucky.

Every time I did something with my youngest, it was a little sad, knowing that I'd never do whatever it was again. We are faced with him moving out this summer, although that one is not going to be as sad an occasion as say, the last Mother's Day Tea at school. Great picture of Liam. There is no mistaking who his mother is.

Grandma Stewart

Love it, love it, love it.A picture to treasure for years to come. I have a few of my own from his mother!! He has such a beautiful smile!!!

Sorry about more back problems for Rob. Not fun!!

Elizabeth GM

Your son's photo, drawing, and message are unbelievably dear. Funny coincidence: my son's name is Liam, too, and he's in kindergarten! I got a very sweet handwritten note from him today, including a picture he drew of me playing an electric guitar.


Citric acid does have its advantages - as you noted. But it works a bit differently than the vinegar. Having used both, I can tell you that the differences are subtle, but they're there. For example, I always get a truer blue with citric acid than I do with vinegar. You might want to experiment a bit to see how things might change.

Of course, you're using true dyes whereas I'm using Easter Egg tablets and Kool-aid (food safe stuff, in deference to my tiny kitchen) and that may preclude any variation caused by the different acids.

Anyway, good luck and I look forward to seeing the new yarns!


You look beautiful in his portrait... but then Mothers so often do.
And is that a knitted sweater you're wearing (intarsia maybe)? LOL!


That is simply the best Mothers Day post.


That hubby of yours must be gettin' old, eh?! hee heee Hope he's feeling better soon. That's a wonderful picture of Liam and his art...very sweet indeed. Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow!

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