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Jennifer Small

Check out this little video for some nature math:



And if only all the tuna weren't running out.

How about giving him a different kind of nut butter? Or tahini? I really don't understand that peanut ban, I think it's a bit extreme.


check oput this video... excellent and fun for kids...http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052751/


Again, beautiful pictures. Love the nature's geometry website. And there are people who think this all happened by accident...


Hi, Ruth --

There was an article by Falbo in the College Math Journal a few years ago that basically debunked previously cited occurrences of the golden ratio in nature. That paper cites one by Markowsky from 1992 that debunks a lot.
Try this url to access the Falbo paper:

There are people doing math research on phyllotaxis (plant growth etc.) and you can gain entrance to some of it here:

Are there other mathematical areas you're interested in at the moment? I know basically nothing about the phyllo stuff.


Have you read How the Leopard Changed its Spots? It may be slightly soft on the science, but it is very interesting.... Talks a lot about the repeating shapes in nature and how they are formed.

mary lou

I am completely ignorant about all of this, but will be reading the comments for leads to more information. Cool pix.

Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy

Hmmm ... what about hard-boiled eggs for Mr Picky? My younger nephew would only eat white food for several years. Even the cheese on the mac-n' had to be white cheddar. I had the old-fashioned choice of eat-or-go-hungry. I'm scarred for life, surely. :-)

One of my favorite demonstrable-maths is that a bundle of pine needles is always a circle (seen end-on). If you stroke the bundle closed, the outer perimeter is circular, no matter how many needles are in the bundle. Nature is one of the few things that makes math fun (for me, at least).

Judy G.

Thanks for the link. I don't read it at a very academic level (and didn't actually make it to the end) but I have bookmarked it and will come back to it when the Sinutab is no longer part of my daily intake.

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