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random Cindy

Would you give examples of what type of garment edge you might use this for? I should probably come back and read with a clearer head. Right now I'm just drinking in your stunning photos.


This is my default cast-on (I've never done a long tail!), and in response to Cindy, about the only things I don't use it for are sock cuffs (varies) and lace (for which I use what I suspect you mean by the 'other knitted cast on'. Thanks for the alternating version - I've never seen it before, and it looks awesome!

I love the way the purl side of this cast-on looks when used with garter stitch. It makes a very neat, unobtrusive edge - I'll have to see if I can find a picture. Since I generally using prefer a garter hem or a rolled stockinette hem instead of ribbed cuffs on my sweaters, it's the ideal cast on for me.

Oh, and I love your pictures, too - care to do a tutorial on those?!


I use the alternating cable cast on quite a bit for ribbings, since it doesn't flare as much as a tubular cast on but looks almost as good (and then I can use the same-size needles as the stockinette portion of a ssweater, for a firm edge which doesn't cling to my hips). But I purl with the yarn coming from underneath the needle, instead of over, which is what your pictures look like you are doing. That might make the crossover less visible - at least I've not noticed it in my own knitting.

Zoe OB

Thank you for explaining why one would want to add the twist or not. This is how I perform the cast on but have seen others skip the twist. I've also been pondering how to make the initial two stitches neater and wouldn't have thought of using an e-wrap.


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