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Elizabeth GM

Congrats on your handspun! It may have a lot of twist, but it's amazingly consistent. According to my own spinning teacher, *everybody* overspins when they first learn. I need to get back to my wheel. It has been sadly neglected for months.


Congratulations! It's a WONDERFUL start. Have fun with it!


what an amazing thing to make! I just love the color, and how satisfying to have made this yourself!


Congratulations and welcome! Spinning can get as addictive as knitting... as you get better and start to get the hang of it, it becomes a mantra of "just a few more yards... I'm in the groove now!".
I can't wait to buy some of your dyed fiber!!!


Good for you! I understand the discomfort - knitting is such a part of my identity that it was a very strange sensation to learn to spin or crochet. It was indeed deeply unsettling to be uncomfortable with wool! You'll get the hang of it in no time, I'm sure.


Many congratulations on your first yarn and re-entry into newbie-hood. Being a beginner spinner myself I find struggling with the new physical skill gives me more patience with my son and all the life skills he is trying to learn.


Go, Ruth, go!!! Any yarn that holds together is perfect.


that's great! and it will look even better when plied. really.
I cannot wait for some Beary Suprise in BFL or faukland or alpaca.... me want to spin!

Deb from Kingston

Way WAY cool! I have often felt that the next "thing" I can obsess myself into will be spinning. Maybe when I retire, I guess (only 5 more years, if I stay on the plan!)


Hooray for Handspun! Welcome to the slippery slope of fun!


Woo Hoo!

You're on your way now. Every new spinning project will be better than that last and you'll be planning knitting projects around your own handspun before you know it.



When I began spinning a year or so ago, I was advised to keep my first yarn, because I'd never be able to make it like that again. (I prayed that would be true, because it was truly awful!)

Hold that thought, dearie. I'm still not as good as I'm gonna be, but it's fun to try.


Now you've gone and done it. Your first yarn looks better than my first yarn. It gets better, really.


Yay, good job! It looks better than my first try!!

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