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Glad to see you back on line, Ruth - I was getting worried! :) Love that Coppergreen & Pale Rock combo.

Linda M

would the combo packs be enough for a pair of adult mittens?


I feel much the same about my blog - too much reality? Not enough optimism? Too much about the littles?

PS: Love the split combos - but have myself on a self-imposed yarn diet (snort) until I get another project done. Any project. Just one. Done.

PPS: Also debating using the fragrant dreaming for a sweater for NaNoSweMo, (or whatever it is, national knit a sweater in November)...


I've missed you! Please don't let one weirdo local get to you. People who are always and only happy and cheery really annoy the rest of us. No one is that happy all the time without meds.



We are so happy to see you back in action. Like Kerri we were getting very concerned.

Do hope Rob's back gets back to normal very soon and that the homework gets easier to bear.


Copper & coppergreen !


Self-editing is a must, but I believe you've already been doing that.

I admire your technique with your daughter. I fear we didn't handle the homework situation nearly as well. Of course, we did the best we could...


So glad you are back and that all is well. I love your ideas on color so will look forward to the posts you mentioned.


Glad you are back. Some people talk to themselves, some go to a counsellor, some blog. Whatever keeps us sane.


Welcome back to the resonant voice of your own authenticity. It is precisely that voice that has made your blog so compelling a read for me.

I sometimes think that we all live one step removed from an awareness that our friends, neighbours, and random acquaintances view us through the lenses of their individual perspectives all the time. Maybe we need to have that sense of remove for our own sanity or freedom. Every now and again the tissue curtain is ripped aside and we realize we are out there in the world for all to see. Those are the very times to take a deep breath, settle in and remember that we are out there for the world to see, and that we are loved and worthy of that love.

I do not know you, nor do I pretend to have any greater intimacy with you than the particular resonance your words and art have stirred in me. Nonetheless I feel personally touched and enriched by your blog self.

Your blog seems real to me - funny, warm, tender, and incredibly creative. Your sense of colour is breathtaking. Your love of yarn is inspirational. And your struggles with the challenging role of being a mother feel tender and reassuring.

Breathe deeply. Trust in the strength of your instincts and remember as a species we have survived because almost every mother has stood on this brink of indecision and has tried to do her very best. It's been working so far.

Om shanti

anne bland

Blogging is a genre like any other. Like many bloggers, I don't blog about my troubles because I can't be sure who might read it, and I would be selective about who I shared my woes with.
However, you seem to talk though your creative struggles, which is a completely different thing. I am sure there is a lot of personal stuff you choose not to share.

Caffeine Girl

I love how honest and authentic you are. It takes a lot of courage.

I LOVE my yarn. I'll be blogging about it this week. Even Farm Boy, who thinks I have WAY too much yarn, is impressed by it!


Glad to see you back, I've dropped off myself at times due to business, missed you.


Glad you are back. And I love the colors you put
together. Especially the Pale Rock and Beary Surprise.


Glad you're still here, blogging! Those color combinations are AMAZING and I'm glad you've done the work of putting them together so I don't have to think too hard about them. Next time I'm buying yarn, those split-combos are first on my to-buy list!

Deb from Kingston

I love the idea of the split skeins- I can see a scarf that uses say, apink and a green on the ends, and then uses a pale cream and a green in the centre. Hmmmmm

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