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That is one beautiful bird! The yarn is pretty, too.


Beeeeautiful!! I'm thisclsoe to becoming a bird watcher :)




What fabulous plumage and such a wonderful colourway to go with it. I love how you take your inspiration and dye to go with it. It's very special.

Geraldine Kiser

Those jays are one of the few things I really liked when we lived in Puyallup, WA.

At another home, Hawaii, we had tons of birds out back. The most aggressive were the Java sparrows. They would peck on the windows and if the patio door happened to be open they would come into the house asking for more bird food!! Great photo ops!!

Speaking of photos, yours are fantastic!


The birds are really pretty. I've never seen this type of jay. Your photograph shows them off really well too.

The yarn is awesome. The semi-solid has a lot of potential...

mary lou

Beautiful phots and yarn. Thanks.


So beautiful! I just recently saw my first pinon jay. Another beautiful bird.

Anna  Lee

We are having Steller's Jays come to our deck for sun flower seeds most every day, one in particular. But they don't let you get up close and your wonderful photos bring out the details I never knew they had. The wee light blue above the beak, and the almost white whisker-beard below, and the delicate feathers on the breast. What a beautiful colorway they make. This will be a real favorite I am sure.

Karen VR

What beautiful photos! I've never seen a bird like this before. The yarn is wonderful too. Good socks for blue jeans. :)


So beautiful!

Both the bird and the yarn.


Absolutely gorgeous shots of the Jay.


Oops - should have mentioned these are calendar shots of our Provincial Bird!


Everyone in my household adores and is astonished by these photos. The birds we throw out seed for tend not to stay on the deck table for longer than it takes to grab a seed or two, and sometimes scatter if they notice us moving within the house.


As a general rule, I have no use for birds. But that is a *gorgeous* bird. And that colourway is beautiful too. Nice job.

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