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Lovely. I wish you the best of holiday times and you've already remembered who is at the top of your list, thank you for reminding me.


I struggled with what I call the "Christmas crazies". I learned to ditch some items, even though I enjoyed doing them, like sending out Christmas cards. I still get the crazies, but I manage to catch myself at it now and ask myself if I really need to do that.

I love your idea of making time for you and knitting for those you love. (I'd just be careful it doesn't become another TODO item. Who needs the pressure?)

Mary Lou

It can be hard to reclaim space for the Happy. Good for you. Looking forward to hearing about it.

Karen VR

Oh I had forgotten about thrummed mittens. I'd love to make a pair (or 3). Yours are looking quite cozy. And the appreciation shows on his face.


Aww, now I want to cry. That's exactly why I kill myself the week before Halloween with costume-making, because I love having my kids know that their one-of-a-kind ensemble was lovingly made JUST FOR THEM. :)


Oh, that's sweet. And such wonderful fat warm thrums!! That cold is headed in my direction, I'm afraid.


We're all here smiling, clapping and urging you on. I hope this will make it a great Xmas season for you.

Lab Cat

I never really got into the knit for Christmas present thing.

I knit when I like for people I love who love my knitting. Even then I rarely get sweet comments like you got from your son.


What a wonderful Mommy you are! And what a very appreciative son Liam is! Now everyone is happy and warm. Well done, you and what a great attitude to take for the pressures of the Christmas season. May you have a far more relaxing time this next month.



It's lovely to be appreciated. I recently made my son a sweater, complete with intarsia (which I HATE doing) - all instructions in French... As I was bent over the blocking board, my son looked at me and then said "Mummy, I don't feel like I deserve you doing all this for me". To which I replied "I'm your mum and I love you. Why wouldn't I want to make you lovely things?" The look on his face and the hug I got will stay with me for the next, oh, 30 years. Happy knitting! And keep sane x

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