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This is really cool. Do you work it up around a form of some kind, stuff it, or is it just shaped? The ornament patterns I have stumbled across involve first having a round glass ball, which in my mind is the opposite of what a knitted sculpture should be (fragile vs. squish-able). Since my house is well occupied with three dogs under 2 and a four year old boy, not fragile is high on my list of qualifications for most things.


Very unique and warm looking ornament for the tree. You never cease to amaze us.

Karen VR

Very pretty, and unique. I like it. I like ornaments that say something about me - my hobbies or what I enjoy. I have some knitted and knitting related ornaments, and have started collecting a few bird ornaments as well. Obviously the tree is a hodge-podge, but I love it that way.


Nice! Yours is more elegant than the Norwegian ones, which are based on traditional knitting patterns and naivistic, traditional Christmas symbols. If you want to take a look, there is a Ravelry group here: http://www.nrk.no/nyheter/distrikt/nrk_trondelag/1.7402550
Mostly Norwegian members, but also some Canadians and Americans.
The ornaments are knit bottom up, and stuffed with wool fleece, which makes them very "natural".
I could have sent you the book, but it's in Norwegian, so it will be difficult to read it :-)
It's mostly pictures though, and charts for the ornaments. One pattern - 55 different charts. And would you believe - this book is #2 on the best selling list here in Norway now :-D


oh, very nice! very nice indeed!! (is there a pattern anywhere to be found, or did you make it up?)


That's very beautiful! I'm with Wendy in wanting to know if there is a pattern available somewhere?


Love it! I really need one to go with the many others you have come up with over the years that now hang on the tree, including the ones you made when you were ten! Just got the tree up and decorated a couple days ago!So many happy memories on the tree! Again - Great bird pictures -- the detail is amazing! Such fun to have them so close.

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