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Pork with Bones

How about charmingly odd and creatively disturbed?


yup! I knowthe feeling... try my daughter's photos on my blog...=) She'a bit older too, but you never know what's brewing in her room... =)

Another Joan

Fantastically and wonderfully creative and not just on Hallowe'en!

Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy

I love the yarn optic nerve ... Charmingly disturbed!


To each their own and if they were happy and having fun that's all you can ask for. I think I prefer her as a witch!


i've gotta ask how the eye was done! i have a friend who loves zombies and i can imagine her using this idea for a zombiewalk costume... only i can't figure out how to do it.


We'll go with charmingly creative. Disturbingly odd is only another's perception.


another vote for charmingly creative... gotta love it when they play together happily!!!


I'd go with disturbingly charming. Just save that photo to embarrass her later if need be...


Creative and charming assuming they got all the green off their little faces before bedtime.


I think many families struggle with that question.


CHARMING. Definitely charming!


LOL!!!! TOO funny! Cooperative play is a good thing...even if it does bring about..."odd" results! Apparently they enjoyed Halloween!

Karen M.

I still have a greenly blotched bath towel from a charmingly similar scenario that took place in our house ten yrs ago. Come to think of it, I still have fake blood blotches on the walls from the Great Pre-Valentines Day vampire massacre. Oh, and a disturbing recollection of the 'Taliban Prisoner' War games that took entirely too much duct tape. I just wish that I had photographic evidence of the creativity to disturb them with later! DON'T PANIC ! You have been sick before Christmas before and lived to tell the tale. The world wants a sane and healthy you not extra sugar cookies and perfectly wrapped pressies. Love and best wishes.

Anna Lee

Some how or other I thought of Harry Potter's Professor Moody --- only the eye slipped. Great make up job (not to be repeated too often I am sure) and I am guessing the color works weren't all gone by dinner time!!! Still wondering about their casket making. My guess was there weren't quite enough blocks for that part of the project!!!


LOVE this post. Also love that you're stopping to "smell the (Christmas) roses." I resolved that today, myself.

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