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I've never seen anything like these bits of frost before. Beautiful.

random Cindy

Ruth, those are absolutely amazing. I'm trying to think of better words. Captivating, how's that?


Stunning! They look like jewels!


Beautiful pictures!!
I'm disappointed that I missed your give-away, I have purchased and knit socks from your beautiful yarn and would love some more! I'd never thought about "celebrating the solstice" before but I was prompted to experience the eclipse by my oldest son. That was such a neat experience and glad I took the moment to enjoy that with him. I will give new thought to the solstice and maybe I will celebrate this year.

I think Celebrate is an excellent word for 2011!


That's the right word - magic :)

Linda M.

Hi Ruth,
Wow, thank you! I'm delighted to be your winner. Like a kid in her favorite candy store! I'll be in touch directly.

Happy new year to all,


Magic indeed.


Absolutely gorgeous! I thought they were crystals for your jewellery pieces.


Crystals are one of the fun bits about being a synthetic Chemist, I so miss working in the lab. Your pictures have reminded me of just how much I love crystallizing stuff in the lab. Thank you. They are beautiful.


A few years ago I felt totally lost and drowning. I started finding myself over the course of about 2 years, and the switch from surviving to thriving was a really important one.

One of the big moments: realizing that if I was paying myself to be my Life Organizer, I'd fire me. That simple. Fired. I'd never put up with paying for the life I was living. So, since I couldn't fire myself, I decided to do a fabulous job.


I'm inspired by your "theme" of Celebration. It has that spark and joy that simple Gratitude, though wonderful, can lack. It is an action word rather than a reflection word. I need that this year, also.
Thank you!

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