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Thank you for this post. I feel a weight lift, and my shoulders start to descend from around my ears, as I lift it. Most of this could have been written by me - it sounds so familiar!

I think I will have to declutter my expectations a bit.

(Also? What a teaser!)


"Your mind means well - it wants to get things done and stay on top of things - but if you leave it in charge, you will completely burn out because your mind can go faster and farther than your body will ever be able to." ~ Jennifer Louden

I think it's important to play with possibilities and give them a place to riot with all their colours, while also containing them. I recognize a lot of what you're describing here, and one of the things I've had to realize is that I need to love myself. Love. Kindness. I have had several moments (because I always need to learn things more than once) in which I've realized I need to be as kind to myself as I am to others. It's a feeling like a benediction washing over me.


This sounds very good. You need to go read this post: http://www.yarnagogo.com/blog/2011/01/learningsomething.html It's Rachael's rules for creativity and the first one is "Creativity within constraints".


Ruth, I completely identify with this phrasing: "...this pruning of possibilities doesn't sit at all well. It feels an awful lot like loss.... like giving up." So, I do not actually prune possibilities; instead, I separate them into active and inactive categories, and revisit every year or so. The idea is that I don't have to do/create all of these things _right_ _now_, but the information to do them later is saved. It's not always the newest inspirations that are the most gripping!


decluttering is good and makes more room to be creative and be excited about what you choose to work on.
OMG I must learn to do braids. the teaser is so beautiful


Your post struck a cord with me today, too. I immediately thought about my husband pruning our apple trees. It might seem like cutting out branches would cut production, but it allows light and air to get to the center of the tree and prevents limbs from rubbing on each other and causing damage. Before he starts, he has to spend time walking around each tree, deciding what should stay and what should go. It keeps the trees healthy. Pruning our expectations of ourselves in a thoughtful way is healthy for us, too.

mary lou

Great post. Thanks.


What a great post! I also identify with all I can't get done, and I need to turn that around myself!

Thanks for this great thinking of yours!


This post resonates so much with me!

And that teaser is gor--geous!


Beautiful colors!


"the magnificent accomplishments of all those childless fellow artists with limitless round the clock hours" Hmmmm...in my humble opinion, none of their accomplishments can possibly come close to the immeasurable accomplishment you have attained in raising two beautiful children. What more magnificent creation is there than that!

Happy pruning, my friend! And whatever that little teaser is...I LOVE the colour scheme!


Thank you, as always. Your photos and thoughts are an inspiration.

LOVE those colors.

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