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random Cindy

I see how you come up with those rich, deep color palettes. And an inventive use of the mosaic filter! It reminds me of a feature in National Geographic's magazine for kids. There would be really close-up squares of something ordinary and you had to guess what it was but they were hard because of the change in perspective and context. It's snowing again here, we are not thinking about spring at all.

Linda M. (lulabellebird on rav)

I love that you are back to analyzing the colors in your photographs again - the old experiments were some of what first drew me to your work.


Thank you for sharing the thought process - I first came to your blog because of the way you deconstructed photos into yarn colors, and I still love seeing you "work the magic." Also glad to hear that some Quintets will be hitting the store soon.

Suzanne Cole

Your early mosaics are what drew me into the blog. I loved watching you pull color out of pictures, and I still do.

The Lichen colorway is the freshest thing I've seen in a long time.

Anne Campbell

Thanks so much for your blog! This post was particularly fascinating. My daughter is also a dyer (at https://www.twistedfiberart.com ) and so I hear quite a bit about colorways and the thought processes that go into them. As well as the pressures of the job. Your blog articulates these things very well indeed. And I love your colorways, your ways of deriving them and the patterns you knit them into.

RC Hannaford

Absolutely beautiful! I am not sure which one I want to buy now..

Liz W in Missouri, USA

I love that you are capturing the beautiful colors of the mountains and woods and sky. I found your blog recently and have fallen in love with the color in these yarns partly,I think, because I so recently left my beautiful Rocky Mountains to be closer to family. (This may have been an error in judgement.) I'm hoping that one day I may see an aspen grove in early summer.

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