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That picture reminded me of when I was much younger and drove a scooter everywhere. The scooter had a floor board and my dog would go everywhere with me. She would stand on the floor board and keep her paws on the handlebar area. We got comments everywhere we went. I miss that scooter almost as much as I miss that dog.

Thanks for the good memory reminder.


More power to you and your plans!


Hearty Congratulations to you!j
My mother went back to school when I was in junior high, after a major episode of burn-out in her career. She was a great example to me, there was something special about mom and I both doing our homework together. (Just don't ask my dad about the hormone-fueled fights over the typewriter--dueling puberty and menopause) And, yes, I did say typewriter. Computers were still the size of small houses back then. And no, that wasn't that long ago.


I finished my master's degree at 56. Completely new field. Damn, was I tired. And proud.

LOVE the dog.

Kathy Sue

Great picture! And it sounds like you have a great plan. You are perfectly capable, I am sure, just from reading your blog. Remember that after it is done, you will look back and be amazed that you have it done already!

Deb from Kingston

Well congratulations. I think you have hit on exactly the right thing. Good for you! And good to get the old brain synapses going!!!!!

Judy G.

I went back and read your "cryptic Athena post" again, and I was reminded of a line from a long-ago song about the joy being in the journey. I wish you happiness and success along the way.


So here's to wishing you luck as you finish up the semester, a relaxing holiday with your family, and a post in the new year! Miss your posts, but completely understand.

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